Thursday, October 22, 2015

Episode 32: The Force Awakens Trailer Reaction No. 2

Now that the trailer for The Force Awakens has been out for two days, Ryan Daly and guest Nathaniel Wayne from Council of Geeks analyze and scrutinize the footage in greater depth.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Rob and Ryan and Shagg and Nathaniel,

    A confession, I haven't seen the new Star Wars trailer yet. I did see the earlier one ... a couple of times ... and it looked great. However, Ruth and I dropped cable a while back, so no TV commercials and I haven't been motivated enough to seek out the trailer online. However, thanks to the four of you and your various podcasts, I now know all I need to know.

    I've mentioned before my love of the original trilogy and the EU from the excellent novels and Dark Horse Comics during the 1990s. I'm certain I will see The Force Awakens and I'm quite confident I'll probably see it in the cinema ... once ... after the crowds subside, but I still feel burned by Episodes I, II, and III and I just find it difficult to get very excited about Star Wars until it "proves" to me that it is good again ... and I really do hope it does.

    However, I'm not convinced yet. As a big fan of the classic Star Trek, I've found J.J. Abrams movies to just be "OK". Neither movie is bad and I personally think the cast is very strong, so that isn't the problem, but the movies themselves have still been lacking in my opinion. For instance, I must say that the Spock I know from the classic TV series would not accept the death of his mother and the destruction of Vulcan. So, having Leonard Nimoy's Spock go off to run a Vulcan refuge camp at the end of the first movie instead of finding a way to fix the timeline just doesn't ring true in my opinion.

    So, those feelings about that other beloved franchise still have me on edge about what might happen in The Force Awakens ... especially with all of the secrecy surrounding Luke's character. I get the impression that all of you are big Han Solo fans, but I always identified more with Luke and liked his growth in the original trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed his role in the EU. So, I'm a little hesitant until I know what they do with his character. I'll just say that if he's turned bad like Anakyin before him, then I'm out. That would defeat the entire purpose of the original trilogy in my opinion. And, if they kill him off in the first film like Obi Wan Kenobi, then I'll be disappointed at unfulfilled possibilities.

    To wrap up, I did thoroughly enjoy the analysis of the trailer, the speculation about what might be, and the comments about the new novels and comics that are out. I haven't been convinced to pick up any of those either, but if the movie turns out to be good, then I can look forward to catching up later as opposed to being disappointed yet again.

    Thanks for a series of fun episodes!