Saturday, June 27, 2015

Episode 17: Rebels: The Siege of Lothal

Ryan Daly and guest Bobby Anderson talk Disney's Star Wars Rebels mini-movie "The Siege of Lothal" and the sad news of actor Christopher Lee's passing.

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  1. That really does sound like an excellent mini-movie and I think I'll have to seek it out to gauge if I should be watching the show or not. I'm often hesitant to jump on shows right when they start because I hate sinking a season or more into something that turns out to not be worth it (I'm looking at you "The Walking Dead.") But sometimes that results in me getting so far behind that it becomes hard to work up the motivation to catch up (I've only just started "Breaking Bad.") In any case, the minute you said "Darth Vader is awesome" I was sold on this mini-movie at least, if not the series.

    As for Christopher Lee, he was an actor of sheer presence and he never half-assed his work. He's one of those actors who wasn't always in good movies (let's be honest, he did his fair share of schlock,) but he always acquitted himself well regardless of the quality of what goes on around him. He will be missed.

  2. I know the animation style is a turn-off for some people and the characterization is pretty simple, but I still dig the show. It surprised me but I enjoy it.